Hear from Our Doctors

Doctors and other healthcare practitioners are now in an impossible position. They could be forced to compromise their conscience. For many, the oath to “First, do no harm” is paramount.

We asked physicians who our coalition represents to talk about conscience and physician-assisted suicide.

 Are you a physician or other medical practitioner who objects to physician-assisted suicide? Contact us at admin@canadiansforconscience.ca and we’ll help share your story. 

We need your help to protect Ontario doctors and their conscience rights.

The Ontario legislature has the power to protect conscience rights for individuals and facilities and to provide adequate palliative care and mental health services so that people will not see assisted suicide as their only option. Our efforts in Manitoba helped to ensure the province passed conscience protection legislation in November 2017.

In advance of the June 2018 provincial election in Ontario, we have the opportunity to ask candidates from all parties three important questions:

1. Will you support legislation to protect doctors, nurses and other health care providers who are being forced to participate in assisted suicide/euthanasia through making a referral?

2. How will you protect facilities from being forced to offer euthanasia/assisted suicide on their premises?

3. How does your party plan to address the lack of quality palliative care in our province?

Please write your MPP using the form below.

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