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The Federal government has tabled new legislation for euthanasia in 2020. They plan to remove the "reasonably forseeable death" criteria. Disability activists are speaking out fiercely against this change because that criteria protects persons with disabilities from euthanasia.

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Call for Conscience Campaign

With the passing of euthanasia/assisted suicide legislation in Parliament in 2016, provinces are now implementing what is called "Medical Assistance in Dying" (MAID). In Ontario and Nova Scotia, doctors are forced by their regulatory College to refer against their deeply held moral convictions, and in some provinces there is pressure on faith-based institutions to allow MAID on the premises. We have already been successful in seeing conscience protection legislation passed in Manitoba and are now working to see a similar bill passed in Saskatchewan. Write a letter to your provincial legislator using the links below.

The Issue

As of June 17, 2016, it is now legal for patients to request physician-assisted suicide in Canada.Despite limited conscience protection in federal legislation (Bill C-14) and freedom of conscience enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, there are still provinces where conscience rights are at risk. 

In Ontario, for example, the College and Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) has abandoned thousands of doctors who cannot provide referrals for medical assistance in dying.

In Manitoba, the government has passed Bill 34, a legislation that protects doctors, nurses and pharmacists from having to perform or aid in the provision of assisted suicide against their conscience. This bill passed with support from all parties after Manitoba legislators received over 14,000 letters through our Call for Conscience campaign.

Each provincial government needs to be encouraged to create legislation that ensures that doctors, nurses and pharmacists have their conscience rights protected.

While health care workers respect the decisions of patients, they entered into medicine to save lives, not end them.

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Protecting Conscience Rights

The Coalition for HealthCARE and Conscience represents a group of like-minded organizations that are committed to protecting conscience rights for healthcare practitioners and facilities.

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In The News

Canadian court tells doctors they must refer for euthanasia

For years bioethicists of a utilitarian cast have argued that conscientious objection has no place in medicine. Now Canadian courts are beginning to put their stamp of approval on the extinction of doctors’ right to refuse to kill their patients.

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Jewish care home accuses doctor of 'sneaking in and killing someone'

A faith-based nursing home has filed a complaint against a medical-assistance-in-dying doctor, accusing her of “sneaking in and killing someone” at the Orthodox Jewish home against the centre’s policy.

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Why are women with disabilities being given help to die, instead of help to live?

People with disabilities and their caregivers are at risk for being made to say yes to medical assistance in dying when they don't want to.

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In Ontario, legal assisted suicide could kill conscientious objection

Conscience protections for Catholic hospitals and other organizations could soon come under fire in the Canadian province of Ontario, with one assisted suicide group saying they may challenge this legislation in court.

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