Lawsuit Funding Progress

Five physicians and three member organizations of the Coalition for HealthCare and Conscience have launched a legal action against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. We urgently need your assistance to win the appeal of this important case.

The Christian Medical and Dental Society and the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians and Societies are raising funds to help fight this legal battle. They require $15,000 to pay for their legal costs for the Appeal.

If successful, this court case will be a precedent-setting protection for conscience rights of healthcare workers. We need your help to make that happen. Please give generously using the form below.

Your donations will be going to the Christian Medical and Dental Society which is acting as the financial agent for this campaign, who will be sending out charitable receipts to donors in January and February of the following calendar year.

Who's donating

Wilson and Elizabeth Lee
Heidi Haupt
Romilda Bevilacqua
Hilary Chance
David Fulton
Robert Gauthier
Catherine Scullion
Mark Saffer
Tim Hudec
Dwight Cooney
Justin Cooper
Carol Gaboury
Lucy Brennan
Lorraine Moir
Ivan Jagas
Gabriel Chan
Vikki Haines
Nelly Goudzwaard
Robert Scrivens
Henry Vlaar
krystyna zasowski
Jonathan Reitzel
Leila Chandler
Barry Yach
Howard Bright
Heather Campbell
Maria Sanchez
Adrien De Ruyck
Michael Creaghan

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