Speak out against expanding the criteria for euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The Government of Canada has introduced legislation to expand the criteria for euthanasia so that even more people will be eligible. This was triggered by a decision by a Quebec judge, who decided that the requirement that death be "reasonably foreseeable" is not constitutional. If this clause is removed, persons with disabilities will be eligible for euthanasia even in circumstances where death is not reasonably foreseeable. The disability community in Canada is very concerned that this change will only add to the public perception that certain people's lives are not worth living. See the video above for more about this. To see more art and videos like this, visit humanflourishing.ca, the producers of this video.

As Trudo Lemmens, Professor of Law and Bioethics at the University of Toronto said: “Legalizing MAID outside the end-of-life context explicitly confirms the ableist presumption that people with chronic disabilities may be better off dead.”

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