We need your help to protect Canadian healthcare professionals and their conscience rights and to speak out against expanding the criteria for euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Performing or referring for assisted suicide and euthanasia involve killing a patient. This is directly opposed to the teachings of many faiths and the traditional Hippocratic oath. Most healthcare professionals embarked on their careers to heal people, not kill them. No Canadian should be required to be involved against their will.

The Government of Canada is asking for input by January 27 on their proposal to expand the criteria for euthanasia in Canada so that more people will be eligible. We know from a report commissioned by the Federal government that they are looking into including children, people whose primary diagnosis is mental illness, and those with advanced directives to be able to be euthanized.

We need to let our federal politicians know that we support conscience rights for all Canadian healthcare professionals.

Write your MP today to let them know what you think. We have a draft letter below, but we ask you to personalize it as much as you can. They need to hear you stories, your fears, and your opinions.

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