Moral Convictions

Everyone has the right to live their lives according to their moral convictions. This means doctors too. The possible legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicideĀ puts doctors in a difficult position. Many cannot participate in euthanasia because of their professional, moral or ethical convictions. There are plans in place that would make it impossible for these doctors to maintain their integrity on this and other issues and would negatively impact their capacity to serve their patients. Good doctors could face discipline or even have to leave their practice.

Unfortunately, some of the provincial colleges that regulate the practice of medicine in Canada are forcing doctors to refer for, and in some cases actually perform, these procedures against their will. Refusal to comply will place doctors at risk of being professionally disciplined or having to leave their practice. This will reduce overall diversity of available physicians and reduce care options for patients who want to have a doctor who has clearly defined positions on these controversial issues.