We need your help to protect Ontario healthcare professionals, faith-based facilities and their conscience rights.

In advance of the June 2018 provincial election in Ontario, we have the opportunity to ask candidates where they stand on these three issues:

1. Legislative protection for healthcare professionals' conscience rights.

2. Continued conscience protection for faith-based facilities.

3. Improved access to quality palliative care.

Please write your MPP using the form below. As soon as all the candidates in your riding have been confirmed, we will email you so that you can use this form to write them as well. We will also contact you periodically when issues arise that are of concern. You can unsubscribe from these notices at any time.

Enter your postal code and press "Find Politician" - your local MPP will be automatically selected. Your letter will be sent to your local MPP and to the Honorable Eric Hoskins, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

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